Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Calorie Off Fat Buster

Calorie Off Fat Buster 636 Stocking (short, thick) RM 45
Black color.
Length: 22-25cm
Pressure: 25hPa (ankle), 22hpa (calf)

日本小豬美腿美人-鍺配方特殊著壓編織美腿襪(黑色) RM 45
小腿肚的著壓力量約為22hPa / 腳踝的著壓力量約為25hPa

Calorie Off Fat Buster 628 Long Stocking (black) RM 50
Black color.
Length/Size: M-L, Long (150-165cm height, 85-98cm hip)
Pressure: 31hPa (ankle), 20hpa (calf)

日本小豬美腿美人-鍺配方特殊階段式著壓美腿褲襪(黑色) RM 50
*適用尺寸:M~L(身高約150~165cm / 臀圍約85~98cm)
*小腿肚的著壓力量約為20hPa / 腳踝的著壓力量約為31hPa

Calorie Off Fat Buster Buttock Slimming Panty (nude) RM 55
Nude Color
Size/Length: Panty, M-L (85-98cm hip)

日本小豬大屁屁byebye按摩俏臀褲(膚色) RM 55

Calorie Off Fat Buster Buttock Slimming Panty (black) RM 55
Black Color
Size/Length: Panty, M-L (85-98cm hip)

日本小豬大屁屁byebye按摩俏臀褲(黑色) RM 55

Super Calorie Off Fat Buster Long Stocking (black, 70 denier) RM 52
Black Color
Size/Length: Long, M-L(150-165cm height, 85-98cm hip)

日本小豬超級階段式著壓美腿褲襪(黑色70丹尼) RM52
*褲襪顏色尺寸:黑色M~L(身高約150~165cm / 臀圍約85~98cm) *特殊網狀階段式著壓編織方式,小腿、大腿。


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