Monday, August 18, 2008

Majolica Majorca (2008 Latest)

Majolica Majorca Red Shining Mascara RM 49

MAJOLICA_MAJORCA資生堂戀愛魔鏡-尋寶獵豔公主系列艷陽耀眼晶鑽睫毛膏(炙紅) RM 49

Majolica Majorca Shinning Shimer RM55

MAJOLICA_MAJORCA資生堂戀愛魔鏡-尋寶獵豔公主系列立體夏肌修飾光澤蜜粉 RM 55

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow 4 Color Palette (BR751) RM 52

MAJOLICA_MAJORCA資生堂戀愛魔鏡-夜境幻宴公主魔幻電光四色眼影盒(BR751告白) RM 52

Majolica Majorca Lip Gloss (Peach Color) RM 39

MAJOLICA_MAJORCA資生堂戀愛魔鏡-夜境幻宴公主魔幻之唇魅惑唇彩(BE210流金歲月) RM 39

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow 4 Color Palette (GR750) RM 52

MAJOLICA_MAJORCA資生堂戀愛魔鏡-夜境幻宴公主魔幻電光四色眼影盒(GR750矚目) RM 52

Majolica Majorca Lip Gloss (Baby Pink Color) RM 39

MAJOLICA_MAJORCA資生堂戀愛魔鏡-夜境幻宴公主魔幻之唇魅惑唇彩(PK211花樣年華) RM 39

Majolica Majorca Mascara - Fluffy Volume Up RM 49

MAJOLICA_MAJORCA資生堂戀愛魔鏡-夜境幻宴公主黑色羽絨濃密睫毛膏RM 49


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